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Return Your Scion Lease Wed, October 20, 2010 9:47 AM

Option 1:  I would like to get information on purchasing my leased vehicle.
Excellent choice!  Because Toyota vehicles are built to such a high standard, many of our guests choose to buy their leased vehicle after the lease term ends.  After all, you maintained and drove the vehicle, so you know exactly what you're buying, at a significant discount off the original MSRP.  Jeff Zalisk in our Lease Department can assist you with this and explore any other option that might benefit you.  
He can be reached at (630) 789-9600  or j.zalisk@rorhman.com.

Option 2:  I would like to turn in my leased vehicle and purchase or lease a New Toyota.
Great!  Let's get back into that new car smell, and enjoy the latest safety technology, features, and comfort that make the new Toyota vehicles so special.   Oakbrook  Toyota has a great selection of New and Certified Toyotas. Please contact Oakbrook Toyota  for the most current information and guidance on other options that might benefit you, please contact our Lease End Department, Jeff Zalisk (630) 789-9600

If you simply want to turn in your leased vehicle, we can help you with that also.  Here are the steps to take:

                        1. Drop off your vehicle at our New Car Sales Department

                                              OAKBROOK TOYOTA/SCION
                                   550 E. Ogden Avenue Westmont, IL  60559    

 2. Please be advised that the some leasing Banks will charge you a Lease Termination Fee (Toyota Financial will not).  You may also be charged for excess mileage above your contracted terms and/or any excessive wear and tear.   Any such charges are not levied by Oakbrook  Toyota, but rather by the leasing Bank.  .  

  3:  I would like to extend my current lease
Please contact the Bank that your vehicle is leased with.  For Toyota Financial Services, the toll-free number is (800) 874-8822              (800) 874-8822                    (800) 874-8822      .

Thank You.

Oakbrook Toyota/Scion
550 E. Ogden Ave
Westmont, IL 60559
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